Our mission is to transform the paradigm of the traditional Wall Street relationship between businesses and their retirement plan advisors through transparency, comprehensive evaluation of all plan fees and services, and unbiased solutions tailored to each individual client. We believe every company – regardless of size or sophistication – deserves the dedication of a high-quality retirement plan consultant. By solely focusing on employer sponsored retirement plans and aggressively managing our overhead costs, we offer a superior experience for plan sponsors and their participants while charging a fraction of our competitors’ fees.

At Pyxis, our independent firm structure is everything. It affords us the ultimate flexibility to evaluate and select service providers that are best suited for our clients. From plan design and administration to recordkeeping and investment management, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every plan. Being able to choose from an unlimited universe of vendors, free of any conflict of interest or economic incentives, allows us to perfectly match each client with top tier providers. This service model formed the foundation of our firm’s philosophy. We practice it every day by adhering to our self-imposed dual mandate which requires that we deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and enhance outcomes for both plan sponsors and participants.

Our client-centric principles are evident in the application of this service model. We understand that changes made to a company’s retirement plan may be met with apprehension by employees, so minimizing disruption to the user experience while maximizing the utility of the plan is among our top priorities. We accomplish this through our regimented onboarding process which includes an extensive review of all plan documents, plan design features, fees, service providers, and investments, followed by meticulously crafted recommendations designed to complement the existing plan’s structure.

Our core services include:

Plan Design & Compliance Consulting

<b>Plan Design &#38; Compliance Consulting</b>
  • Ensure plans are structured to effectively achieve a firm’s goals and comply with current regulations

Investment Selection & Monitoring

<b>Investment Selection &#38; Monitoring</b>
  • Design and monitor investment lineups and provide recommendations as a fiduciary for plan sponsors

Service Provider Evaluation, Selection, & Implementation

<b>Service Provider Evaluation, Selection, &#38; Implementation</b>
  • Review and assess fees and services for all types of plans, including retirement and health and welfare plans
  • Coordinate with vendors to ensure successful operation and seamless implementation of any changes

Plan Sponsor & Participant Education

<b>Plan Sponsor &#38; Participant Education</b>
  • Develop training materials and workshops to ensure that plan sponsors understand their obligations as fiduciaries, and that participants understand what is being offered in their retirement plan

Investment Consulting

<strong>Investment Consulting</strong>
  • Work with recordkeepers and advisors as a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary
  • Provide investment selection, monitoring, and custom reporting services

Incumbent Review

<strong>Incumbent Review</strong>